Saturday, 7 July 2012

March 2007

"For those of you who don't know Jane had her surgery on Sunday night. Afterwards she ended up in ICU for 48 hours. After having a pretty good day on Wednesday things took a turn for the worse. Her temperature went up to 104 and has pretty much stayed there since. After what seemed like a million painful investigations to see where the infection was coming from, a cat-scan finally revealed between 7 and 10 abscesess throughout her abdomen. The two largest ones were immediately surgically drained and they are trying to get rid of the other ones with various antibiotics. Jane's been having a rough week having a lot of pain since Wednesday. If the antibiotics don't work in the next couple of days the infection will then have to be surgically removed. This is why she hasn't been able to return calls or see anybody. I'll up date with more news as it comes. "
Marion Spring
Facebook March 2007

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