Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Updates and Explanations October 10, 2012

 Hi Friends! 
       I just wanted to quickly answer some of your questions and concerns about why there hasn't been a post in quite awhile. After feeling so good during the past six months, a few weeks ago I started to notice some symptoms creeping into my days here and there. This is the longest stretch I've been out of the hospital in over five years. It may sound silly, but being able to cook supper and chaperon field trips has been the most incredible dream come true for me. Some people catch 11:11 on the clock or blow out  birthday candles wishing for love, money, vacations, luxuries. All I've wished for in the past ten years is to be well enough to be a normal full-time mom in every sense of the word. To be present for every laugh, every cry and everything in between. I'm so incredibly fulfilled being home everyday with my son that it was very hard for me to bite the bullet and start paying attention to what my body was telling me. I ended up having to receive treatment at the hospital everyday. (As an outpatient so far - whew!)  Tomorrow I'm having surgery. It's not a major procedure but it will be a rough week or so of recovery. Now that I've had a taste of normal life, the last thing I want is to have to be admitted.
       More importantly, I want to Thank You for all the support and well wishes. It is very appreciated and brightens my day to get encouragement during long hours at the clinic.
       If you really miss me though - why not take a look back to where it all began and then enjoy some my favorite stories! The first is the link to my very first post. Wow - I was so nervous about finally putting myself out there, I honestly felt as though I was posting naked pictures of myself online! Yikes! Now - less than five months, almost 9,000 views  and countless amazing comments later - I couldn't be happier.

My Name Isn't Jane....

Here are the top three most read posts!

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Interesting how the raciest posting has the most views. I guess there's a little 50 Shades Of Gray in all of us, huh ladies? ;)

Thank You again for all your continued support - it means the world to me! I promise new content very soon!

 Jane xo

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  1. Hey Jo! I hope your recovery is swift, and your days filled with love and happiness, wherever they are spent (hospital or home). Thinking of you. Thanks for posting. Great to read your updates. Lots of love XOXO