Saturday, 16 February 2013

Update February 16, 2013

     Hi Everyone!                                                                                   
     I want to start off by saying Thank You to all of you wonderful people who have been sending good vibes and well wishes my way during the past six weeks. It means a lot to me to know that when it seems like all I hear is bad news coming from all angles, I have people behind me cheering me on. Not to mention my fantastic family who never fails to keep me afloat. My son, mom, dad, brother, aunts, cousins... I have a big family. Whether it's gummie bears or body cream, a great laugh or a big hug, they always seem to know exactly what I need to make me feel better.There have been some scary low points but I still have a lot of fight in me yet! 
     I plan on posting another story this weekend. The only place to get online in this dumb hospital is in the cafeteria. And I haven't been here since I posted my story about Muriel at two am and a mouse bit my toe. Yes. Eww. If there are any security camera's in the cafeteria - which I'm sure there are - I bet they had quite a good laugh at my spazzing and writhing around before I grabbed my laptop and ran to the elevators! 
     I miss being home so much but I'm taking it day by day.
     The silver lining? Hot Doctor has come to visit me. Twice. :)

Love & Valentines,
   Jane xo

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