Sunday, 9 December 2012

Holiday Wish List Extravaganza!

   I have been doing one of my favorite things - buying people presents! And I'm darn good at it too. My son is going to go bananas this Christmas! I've also been inspired by Pinterest to make some gifts for my girlfriends. It's been really fun! And so easy. I definitely suggest trying this. Maybe after the holidays I will show you what I've been up to. Have to keep those gifts hush hush! Even if you aren't crafty, you would be surprised at all the amazing things you can make yourself at home.  All this gifting has got me wondering...
What would be my perfect Holiday Wish List?!

Dear Santa
     All I want for Christmas is:

bliss super slough scrub 
My bottle is almost empty! This big blue bottle will be your new best friend. The fresh, clean, 'awake' scent is heaven on it's own. But with those little blue beads doing their job to buff and slough off dry skin, this scrub means business. I swear to you nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day than a temperate shower and this invigorating body scrub to wake up you and your new silky smooth skin!



I have been drooling over this Urban Decay infamous eye shadow palette forever. The pigment is ultra rich and goes on whisper light and stays put all day and all night. I like the Naked2 palette over the original because it has kept all the golds and tawny browns that are great for day, plus has a jet-black and some grays to glam it up with a smokey eye for night! 

Studded Zipper Riding Boot
This may kinda be cheating because I kinda know they are kinda in a box in my mother's closet downstairs. Buy hey! They are still most definitely on my wish list. I love the brown slouchy boot with the buckles, but the studded inlay with the zipper detail gives it edge. These will be great for winter and they will even be fun to amp up some girly dresses when the warm weather arrives.

Polaroid 10-Megapixel Instant Print Digital Camera Z2300B with ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology 

Whew! This tiny camera packs way more punch than just it's long winded name. It's pretty much the most awesome camera ever! If you're like me, and most people I know, we take a zillion pictures these days for twitter, facebook, texting, instagram, yadda yadda...But rarely (if ever!) do we get them developed for display or framing. Not anymore! This amazing little super guy prints your digital color pics for you - instantly! How awesome is that?!

Table Top Cotton Candy Maker
Need I say more?! It's no secret that I have a major sweet tooth but dentists - beware! If I had this little lovely at home, I would be whipping up colorful cotton candy at every occasion. Bag it for Halloween trick-or-treaters, for birthday treat bags, as party favors and any other event. Like, how about, 3pm? Three o'clock? I'll celebrate it! Bring on the cotton candy!

This would definitely be my Ultimate Holiday Wishlist! What items for your ultimate wishlist will you dream up? I would love to hear! To tell me all about them, 'Like' my Facebook Page. I always love messages and comments! The holidays are among us! Today is the first day of Chanukah and there are only 12 days left until Christmas! Happy Holidays and happy gifting everyone! <3 

Jane xo
      (and mistletoe :)

*NEW* added Dec 12/12
 Tonight my son sat down to write his list to the big guy at the North Pole. Like I said, I'm so excited for him! I think this will be his best Christmas yet. I was reading over his list and at the very end I came across a post script he had written which said, "Dear Santa, can you please send my mother a vintage typewriter like she's always wanted." Of course, my heart melted! My perfect little man thinking of his mama. Naturally, he was right, too! I've always wanted one since my grandmother let me borrow this amazing blue typewriter when I was younger. I absolutely had to add a Vintage Typewriter to my Ultimate Holiday Wishlist! :) 

P.S. Of course, above all the cotton candy in the world, I just want to be home to enjoy the holidays with my friends & family. This list is just for fun and full of things I love and think are awesome. ;) 


  1. Love Bliss products! I overindulged in my bottle of lemongrass body lotion, which was months ago, but I can't find this brand name anywhere in HK. Wah!

  2. Can you send liquids like that? As in a care package?