Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bath Tub Art!

Hey Moms out there! Or anyone looking to have a fun project with kids! I saw this online and thought it was a great idea. 
 you need:   a muffin baking tray  (or small bowls)
                     a can of men's shaving foam
                      food coloring
                      and a bath :) 

Fill up each muffin cup with shaving foam. Add and mix food coloring to create as many colors as you like! Fill up the tub, pop your kids in and let them loose to finger paint themselves, tub wall, even their favorite bathtub toys! 

Note: The colored shaving foam washes away quick and easy on bathtub walls and tiles. Be sure to keep it away from painted/wallpapered walls as it will stain.
*Warning* - Parents always supervise to make sure the foam doesn't get in kids' eyes! I'd say for age 3 and up.

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